Google for Business Strand

Not just for educators, Google Apps Summits are for business users too :)

A trend we noticed in our 2012 summits are many attendees from the business world coming to the summits. While many of the sessions were education focussed, many of the sessions were equally relevant to companies looking to use Google Apps in a business environment so we expanded this in 2013 to have a business strand to the summits.

Within the business strand of the summit there will be sessions for management and business owners, IT staff, and sessions for both experienced users and people considering a move to Google Apps. We guarantee you will leave the summit with knowledge that you can take away to your company and start using straight away.

In addition we will have a 'Chromebooks playground'; A dedicated classroom with experts on hand where you can drop in at any time during the conference to try out Google Chromebooks. We will also have Google Search Appliance demos and android tablets in business demos.

Why attend the Google Apps for Business 'European Summit' in Prague March 21/22 2013?

Google Apps for Business

There will be sessions for both companies reviewing Google Apps as a possible solution, and for existing users. Sessions will be at all levels, from sessions on getting started with Google Docs and Sites, to sessions on techy topics like customising applications with Apps script.

Google Enterprise Search

Members of the Google Enterprise search team will be at the summit to demonstrate Google Search Appliances and share best practices.

Chromebooks and Android devices for business

We will have a ‘Chromebooks playground’ for the duration of the summit with Chromebooks, and also Chromebooks and the management console available for attendees to use at any time. In addition there will be focussed sessions on best practices for using Chromebooks in business

Gain knowledge for your specific job:

The great thing about summits is that for two days you are totally engrossed in the Google world and you learn a huge amount, not just from the sessions but from the conversations you have in between. The aim of the summits are to have you leave the summit with knowledge that you can take away to your business and start using straight away.

For institutions looking at moving to Google Apps

Many attendees come from businesses who do not currently use Google Apps, and summits are a great way to evaluate Google tools in detail and discuss all the issues around implementation and use with actual users in organisations similar to yours.

Networking with forward thinking Google Apps Users

This is an often overlooked aspect of summits but we have found the events are great for networking, from sharing best practices in an informal environment to making new friends and learning about new career opportunities.

Of course the fun aspect can’t be overstated and we are planning great networking events both before and during the summit in the evenings, with a free drinks party on Thursday evening.

Try out Chromebooks

Summits have a 'Chromebooks playground'; A dedicated classroom with experts on hand where you can drop in at any time during the summit to try out Google Chromebooks, including the management console.

Meet (and learn from) the real experts

Sessions are lead by Google staff, Google Certified Teachers, Google Apps EDU Certified trainers, Google Certified Deployment Specialists and other Google Apps experts. You will have lots it time to interact with them both in the sessions and outside.

Learn how to become a Google Apps EDU Certified trainer and Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist

The Google Apps for Education Certified trainer is a fantastic qualification for your Professional Development as an educator, and you will gain an internationally recognised certification for your Professional Development and career opportunities. Sumits have sessions giving a detailed overview of the application process and helping guide you through the steps so you can join the worldwide community of trainers.

Use and learn about Android devices in business

A new addition to our summits this year are hands on ‘Android in Business sessions, looking at how Android tablets can help power enterprises.

To promote your product or service

Summits have exhibitors areas where providers of software or services to SME’s and Enterprises can show the products and meet with attendees.