Blogger as an E-Portfolio Platform

"Learn how to use Blogger as an e-portfolio platform including creating a blog, layout, privacy settings, stylization (templates), posts-pages-comments, labels, embedding video and other files, comments as formative feedback, and use in Student-Led Conferences.  See examples from Grade 5 PYP E-portfolios, and the e-portfolio blog creation process. E-portfolios provide a seamless methodology for capturing and presenting evidence of learning. Blogger provides a flexible platform for a student managed e-portfolio and incorporates a number of Google Apps (Google Drive, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, YouTube, Photos) as well as supporting many other file types (video formats, PDF, MS Office), all within the Google Apps suite.  Blogger e-portfolios are flexible (support multimedia content and a variety of file types), portable (anywhere/anytime access), shareable (students, parents, teachers/TAs access), integrated (with a school’s core systems), replicable (year-to-year rollover, automated setup), personalized (developmentally appropriate and demonstrates Personalized Learning), and can be curriculum-based (curricularly purposed and organized).  "

My current role at AAS is ES ICT Integrationist, ICT Subject Area Leader, QuadCore member, and schoolwide ICT Integration leader. In the past, I have worked as a Director of Technology, Technology Coordinator, ICT teacher, and History/Humanities HS teacher. This is my fifth international school.